The building of the ablution block at Mthumbane Pre-Primary School

In 2014 The Amapondo Children's Project raised sufficient financial funds to build a ablution block at the Mthumbane Pre-Primary School: the school now has access to two flushing toilets and to ensure water supply, a water tower was constructed next to the toilet block.

DSC03688-3047.JPG DSC03689-59.JPG DSCN1602-4966.JPG DSC03855-1163.JPG DSCN1603-4023.JPG DSC03693-3747.JPG DSC03692-504.JPG DSCN1610-1764.JPG DSCN1613-696.JPG DSCN1622-3306.JPG DSCN1623-2349.JPG DSCN1633-1064.JPG DSC03817-3064.JPG DSCN1635-499.JPG DSCN1620-3490.JPG DSC03812-4493.jpg Toilet building 2-4860.JPG DSC03816-4295.JPG DSC03815-2162.JPG DSC03879-546.jpg DSC03900-4999.JPG DSC03907-1607.JPG water tower-4716.jpg water tower 2-2877.jpg water tower 3-1767.jpg water tower 4-3315.jpg