Maintenance at Mthumbane 2010

An additional classroom was added to the Mthumbane Pre-Primary School in 2010: thanks to the help of volunteers and kind donations of the local business owners, the school now has a big classroom available to accommodate all the children comfortably.

DSC03491-2118.JPG DSC03492-2833.jpg DSC03493-4072.JPG DSC03494-949.JPG DSC03496-710.JPG DSC03496-2421.JPG DSC03500-4772.JPG DSC03501-3381.JPG photo 1-426.JPG photo 2-2561.jpg photo 5-661.JPG IMG4502-4985.JPG DSC03691-2085.JPG DSC03651-4998.JPG DSC04005-3546.JPG