What is it all about?

Our Volunteer Programme is aimed at adults, aged between 18 and 65 years, though in exceptional individual cases and under specific conditions, young adults aged younger than 18 or persons older than 65, can volunteer at the Amapondo Children’s Project.

Our volunteers are persons who

  • are prepared to dedicate their time in support of the Amapondo Children’s Project and its ongoing Projects.
  • are willing to share their knowledge and skills to empower the local community
  • have a good knowledge of English
  • are responsible and understand their volunteer position to be an exemplary role to young children and adults.
  • can create constructive plans of action in order to overcome challenges.
  • are open-minded and interested to get to know and understand the culture.
  • are able to work in a team by taking on different tasks and are eager to learn from each other.

The Amapondo Children’s Project doesn’t require any specific qualifications: the Volunteer Programme encourages individuals from all over the globe to come and assist at any of the projects under the ACP's wings and provide their individual skills and know-how in the areas where they would bring forth the most change and effective, positive development. Applicants with specific skills or qualifications are highly appreciated but young adults who are looking to develop their skills and want to gain experience through volunteering, are equally welcomed into the Volunteer Programme.

To ensure the well-being of our volunteers and coordinate the different Projects, the ACP appoints a full time Volunteer Coordinator, who offers 24/7 support and supervision to all our volunteers. Together with the Project Manager, the Volunteer Coordinator supports and mentors the volunteers in their different roles and makes sure every volunteer gets the most out of their volunteer placement.

What can you do as a volunteer?

At the Mthumbane Pre-Primary School volunteers assist the teachers in any way they can: if you love to work with little children, than this is your Project! Volunteers assist the teachers to manage the classes, ensuring every child gets the individual attention it needs and help out with other various tasks:

  • Structure educational exercises and games
  • Foundation phase English teaching
  • Assist in preparing snacks/lunch
  • Help develop the teachers’ computer skills
  • Assist with maintenance and gardening

Volunteers are also encouraged to set up special activities, for example setting up a dance class, teaching the children a song from your culture, organising a day trip …

At the Port St Johns Junior Secondary School volunteers can choose to assist with the little ones as well (Grade R and Grade 1) and assist the teachers in managing the classes. Volunteers will help out with educational games and exercises, help with foundation phase English teaching and assist the teacher where needed.

If volunteers choose to work with the intermediate grades (Grades 4, 5 and 6), they have 9 hours per week allocated to them that they fill in with educational topics of their own choosing. These topics cover a wide range of different subjects, covering cultural education (e.g. the difference between growing up in Europe and South Africa), sports activities, health (e.g. personal hygiene, anatomy of the human body), life skills (e.g. self-esteem), career guidance (e.g. different professions, what do you want to become when you grow up) and many more. The volunteers prepare for their classes and keep an overview of topics they have discussed in class, to pass on to their successors. Apart from their allocated hours, the volunteers are allocated to a specific teacher (English or Life Skills) and assist the teacher during his or her classes. 

How to apply?

Volunteers applying for the Amapondo Children’s Project are guided through the application process by our Project Manager: the first contact is usually made by email.

The volunteer gets asked to fill out the Volunteer Application. For short term volunteers this Application Form gives us enough information but for long term volunteers we request a motivational letter and curriculum vitae. To match each other’s expectations and to ensure we’ll make a good fit, a Whatsapp call or Skype meeting will be set up. Once the volunteer has been succesfully found suited for the Project, our Project Manager will assist the volunteer with the organisation of the trip and all other relevant practical formalities.

As a tourist, you are allowed to spend 90 days in South Africa. However, if you specifically come to South Africa to volunteer, or have chosen to do an internship abroad, you need a Voluntary Visa. However, if you specifically come to South Africa to volunteer, or have chosen to do an internship abroad, you need a Voluntary Visa. To apply for a Voluntary Visa, you need to contact the South African Embassy in your home country to enquire about the needed documents and processing time of the visa. Our Project Manager will assist the volunteer throughout this process.